Teaching Certification

How to Transition from Teaching ESL Abroad to Teaching ESL in the United States

English as a second language (ESL) teachers are in high demand all around the world, as more people are looking to learn English. With immigration rates climbing in the United States, ESL teachers are being heavily sought after. Differences between Teaching Abroad and in the United States Teaching English in the United States and teaching […]

The Growing Demand for ESL Teachers: ESL Teacher Shortage Areas

According to a U.S. Census Bureau report, 55.4 million people in the United States reported speaking a different non-English language at home, making ESL teachers a necessity in today’s schools. If you have ever thought about becoming a teacher, pursuing an ESL certification can be a great choice. General Teaching Demand According to the U.S. […]

Resources for Researching Master of Education Programs Online

A Master of Education (M.Ed.) helps teachers advance their careers by ensuring that they are experts in their field, and positions them for greater benefits and promotions. The Master of Education application process is long but rewarding, and though there are many great programs out there, it is important to find the one that is […]

Masters in Teaching vs. Masters in Education

If you want to become a teacher, chances are you’ve begun to think about the different degree options available, namely a Masters in Teaching and a Masters in Education. But what’s the difference? The difference, actually, is quite large...

Over 250,000 Teaching Jobs Created or Saved by Stimulus

When faced with an economic recession as enormous and widespread as the one in which we currently still stand, many facets of daily life can be cut back, downsized, or given up altogether. We can eat out less, walk more, and generally repair the hole that had been burned through our wallets and purses...

Certification Map featured on USC News

Certification Map is attracting more and more attention as a comprehensive and helpful resource for anyone with questions about teacher certification, says USC News in their recently published article...