Teacher Leadership

Becoming a Top Scholarship Applicant

Higher education continues to be an expensive proposition. Between the projected rise in interest rates and the mounting student loan crisis, teachers, more than ever, are looking for ways to make their own education more affordable. As such, the competition for scholarship money is heating up!

Thankfully, there are ways you can help your scholarship application stand out from the pile. By making a few deliberate choices in how you present yourself, you can become a top scholarship applicant and help defray the costs of your higher education.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Impact Effective Principals Have on Education

In today’s educational environment there is no doubt that great teachers are essential to creating effective schools and quality education. What is sometimes forgotten, is that behind great teachers is usually a great principal supporting and growing their faculty to reach their full potential. Effective principals play an important role to their communities, schools and […]

New-Teacher Mentoring: What’s It All About?

Starting any new job is difficult. As a new member of the corporate workforce or a new nurse at a hospital, you are usually paired up with a mentor or work under a manager that guides you and shows you the ropes so you can successfully do your job in the long run, so why […]

Professional Development: 5 Ideas For Developing Your Skills This Summer

One of the great benefits of being a teacher is having the summer off. However, just because you are not in the classroom every day doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be using the summer productively. Last year, we looked at some opportunities teachers could pursue over the summer, which included traveling, getting a job and […]

Top 5 Careers with an Ed.D

Have your master’s, but itching to move to the next step? An Ed.D can take your career to the next level — and salary bracket. What’s an EdD? A Doctorate of Education (Ed.D) is a terminal doctoral degree for people who want to work in education at a management or executive level. With prospective careers […]

What Makes a Great Teacher?

Great teachers do not simply enter the education realm; rather, they are called into it. When looking back on your own education history, there are always those few teachers that leave lasting impressions on you—the ones that inspire and impress lasting values. Fortunately, it is never too late to become a teacher and if you […]