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A Closer Look at President Trump's Education Plan

President Trump has already caused somewhat of a stir among the educational community, with his recommendation for education secretary, Betsy DeVos, considered a controversial pick, by many due to her relative lack of experience in public education. But what does the rest of his educational plan for the country look like?

The Effect of Poverty on Education

Poverty is a major hurdle to achieving a balanced education, but not always in the ways most people suspect. When we think of economic barriers to learning we often think about children living in developing countries, who have to travel hours from their village to a school far away or young people charged with being an earner for the family and who therefore cannot be spared in order to learn. Or we consider the cost of university education as a privilege often only the wealthy can afford. What many people are surprised to discover, is that there exist significant and impeding economic barriers to education for many American students, beginning right in the youngest grades of elementary school.

New York City’s Plan To Add Diversity to Teaching Ranks

Embed from Getty Images In January 2015, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled a program to hire 1,000 male black, Latino and Asian teachers by 2017 to have the teaching force more closely resemble that of the student body in New York City public schools. This $16.5 million initiative seeks to boost the […]

Presidential Candidates on Education: George Pataki and Lindsey Graham

With the 2016 Presidential Election less than one year away, we here at Certification Map want to help you find out about the issues that you care about the most. Over the coming weeks and months, we will walk through all of the remaining Presidential candidates’—on both sides of the aisle—views on education. Each week, […]

Election 2016: Key Points of Contention on Education in Politics

With the latest election cycle kicking into gear, as Presidential hopefuls make their impassioned pleas to the masses, one area where emotions run highest is when it comes to education. As the economy ebbs and flows, education is often a place where arguments over money reach a fever pitch. We’ll take a look at a […]

Washington D.C. High School Considers Redskins Ban

The Redskins have been under scrutiny lately, with people divided on whether the team name is derogatory. One Washington D.C. school is considering banning franchise apparel.