INFOGRAPHIC: The Impact Effective Principals Have on Education

In today’s educational environment there is no doubt that great teachers are essential to creating effective schools and quality education. What is sometimes forgotten, is that behind great teachers is usually a great principal supporting and growing their faculty to reach their full potential. Effective principals play an important role to their communities, schools and districts. Queens University of Charlotte’s online campus has created this helpful infographic to show the effect that principals can have on education.

Some key statistics and takeaways:

Principals’ Impact on Teachers:

  • Teachers who rate their principal as excellent are likely to report more collaboration time, and more opportunity for professional development.
  • 69% of teachers who feel that their principal is effective are more likely to put in their best efforts. Only 38% of teachers without effective principals claimed to put their best effort into teaching.

Principals’ Impact on Students:

  • By implementing positive behavioral interventions schools saw 56% fewer visits to the principal’s office, a difference of 5.7 per day to 2.5 per day!
  • Effective principals account for 25% of student performance gains, which equates to about 2-7 months of additional learning per year.

Principals’ Impact of Schools:

  • Highly effective schools are more likely to have retained the same principal for 6+ years.
  • The shortage of principals has resulted in the least effective principals switching from school to school instead of leaving the system. This is 71% more likely in high poverty districts.