Top 10 Cities for Teachers

Teachers have the challenging but rewarding task of teaching tomorrow’s leaders. Besides working in a dynamic environment, teachers have the opportunity to shape lives. The more tangible rewards that come with teaching, including job security, a good salary and an interesting social life, often depend on location...


#TeachersMatter: Teacher Appreciation Week Roundup

Teachers’ lessons extend far beyond the reach of the classroom. During this past Teacher Appreciation Week, the internet was flooded with stories about how teachers have helped shaped our lives and our culture. Although Teacher Appreciation Week was May 5-9th, it’s important that we appreciate and honor these classroom leaders during our every day. See […]

Teacher Appreciation Week 2014

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! From May 5th – May 9th, we take this time out to pay special attention to the teachers in our lives, and to highlight the pivotal role they play in student success – both personally and academically. Teachers have an impact on student achievement every day of the year, but Teacher […]

The Relationship Between Professional Development and Student Achievement

Looking for a way to strengthen your classroom management skills and improve your students’ academic achievement? By participating in teacher professional development programs, and attending education conferences, you can do both. Research proves that participating in professional development is the key to unlocking student success in the classroom. Connection to Student Learning Professional development for […]


What’s New on Certification Map?

As part of our continuing mission to provide our readers with high-quality licensure information, CertificationMap is happy to announce a complete overhaul of our state certification pages! Figuring out how to become a teacher can be complicated, and our goal has always been to make the entire process easier. All 50 states include information on […]

Sesame Workshop: Changing Education From a Global Perspective

Sesame Workshop is the educational non-profit behind Sesame Street. However, this organization is responsible for much more than Big Bird. Sesame Workshop, formerly known as the Children’s Television Workshop, spearheads projects that develop and promote the academic, social and emotional well-being of children across the world. The strength and success of Sesame Workshop’s initiatives […]