Working With A Mentor Teacher

Being a new teacher is never easy, so it’s great when a more experienced teacher becomes your mentor. I was lucky to my mentor right across the hall. Over the next two years, I routinely went to him for advice, and he was always a great help. 


I Couldn’t Find a Teaching Job. Now What?

This is the challenging part. You might have visions of yourself setting up your classroom and welcoming students on the first day of school, but the universe might have other ideas. Ideally, you’ll land your dream position by this fall, but it’s important to have a fallback strategy in case you don’t find a job on your first try. Here are some ideas to help you gain some useful experience, which can build your résumé as you continue to seek permanent employment.


What Can You Do With An Organizational Leadership and Learning Degree?

Students enrolled in the organizational leadership and learning degree acquire different skills that can help many institutions to thrive and improve efficiency in their workforce. Their goal is to work on the human aspect of any organization and work on how to better manage resources at your disposal, as well as keep a more engaged workforce.

The Beginner's Guide to Flipping Your Classroom

By now you have heard of the merits of flipping your classroom. You’ve read the research and determined that you want to try it with your class. The problem? You have no idea where to start. You may be tech-savvy, but changing your entire paradigm of teaching is intimidating. You don’t want to mess this up.

Best Practices for Teaching at an Alternative High School

The responsibilities of high school teachers are similar no matter at which school they teach. In fact, the job description for a teaching position at an alternative high school would likely read the same as any other. For new or experienced teachers who decide to work at an alternative high school, success requires a unique set of best practices, something I learned through four years of teaching at one.

Charter Schools vs. Public Schools: FAQs

Though the first charter school in the United States opened its doors back in 1992, there is still a lot of misunderstanding about this type of school.